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  • Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania, Romania

    5 members Latest Activity: Jan 7, 2014

    The Villages with Fortified Churches are part of a largely intact medieval landscape in Romania. This group is dedicated to discussing the threats…

  • Rakhigarhi, India

    27 members Latest Activity: May 6, 2014

    A group focused on this ancient Harrapan archaeological site (one of the largest known), located west of New Delhi.

  • Marcahuamachuco, Peru

    19 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2013 A group focused exclusively on the archaeology and long-term conservation of this unique Peruvian site.

  • Göbekli Tepe, Turkey

    34 members Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2014

    A group that focuses specifically on Göbekli Tepe, one of Turkey's most ancient sites.

  • Wat Phu, Laos

    20 members Latest Activity: Jun 4, 2014 Discussion group for the ancient archaeological site of Wat Phu in Southern Laos.

  • Ur, Iraq

    30 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2013 The ancient Mesopotamian site of Ur, the purported birthplace of the biblical Abraham.

  • Hampi, India

    33 members Latest Activity: May 31, 2014 Discuss the site of Hampi, India: threats to its long-term preservation and current conservation efforts.

  • Fujian Tulous, China

    25 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2012 Conservation of the Tulous in Fujian Province in China is discussed here, along with the threats they face.

  • Foguang Temple, China

    20 members Latest Activity: Aug 19, 2012 Discuss conservation and threats to Foguang Temple in China.

  • Cyrene, Libya

    20 members Latest Activity: Sep 10, 2012 Discussion of conservation, threats, and other issues relating to the archaeological site of Cyrene.

  • Chavín de Huántar, Peru

    35 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2013 Chavin faces many threats today. This group will discuss these threats as well as conservation topics and current events at the site.

  • Çatalhöyük, Turkey

    37 members Latest Activity: Jul 1, 2012

    Discussion group based around the conservation, threats, and long-term preservation of this ancient Near-Eastern site.

  • Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia

    54 members Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2014 Banteay Chhmar, an ancient Khmer archaeological site in northwestern Cambodia, is in a state of collapse after 800 years without conservation. This…

  • Mirador, Guatemala

    25 members Latest Activity: Dec 26, 2013 The Mirador Basin is often referred to as the cradle of Mayan Civilization. This group focuses on the long-term preservation of the Mirador Basin and…

  • Pingyao Ancient City, China

    36 members Latest Activity: Sep 6, 2014 A group that focuses specifically on Pingyao, a well-preserved Han Chinese city that nevertheless faces a host of modern threats.

  • Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

    45 members Latest Activity: Feb 13, 2014 Ciudad Perdida, or Lost City, is a remote Tayrona archaeological site in northern Colombia. This group is dedicated to discussing the threats it…

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